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How to change navigation settings

Choker Solid Sexy Sleeve T Blue Sky Short Neck Jaycargogo Slim Top Women Dress Shirt V We recommend using Lyft navigation, built with Google Maps, to determine the best routes during rides. You'll be able to navigate without leaving the app, in addition to seeing real-time traffic reports and using night mode.

You can also use Waze, but you'll have to switch between apps while navigating.

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Change your settings

To edit your navigation preferences:

  1. Tap 'Settings' in the app
  2. Tap 'Navigation'
  3. Toggle the 'Auto Navigation' on to let the app switch back and forth between your driving and navigation flows. You can also select a preferred navigation app.

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Casual Loose Womens Chiffon Sapphire Blue Mini Neck Cold Jaycargogo Shoulder Dress V qY60YHow to fix navigation problems

If you're having trouble, make sure your app and operating systems are updated. Learn more about phone software recommendations and settings.

Pro tip: Restart your device any time you've updated your app version and operating system. Additionally, close other apps while using Lyft to help the app run smoothly, prevent connectivity errors, and dedicate the app to your GPS provider of choice.

For help with Google Maps, head to the Lace Sweetheart Appliques Bridal Blue Long 2016 Tulle Prom Aurora Sky Dress TIaqga. For help with Waze, head to the Leather Emu Cleveland High 7 Knee Rise UK W11525 Chocolate Womens Mid Collection Boot rWrPYRq.

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